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Freelance Artist, Illustrator & Pattern Designer,

Offering Unique Commissions, Prints & Stationery

Hello! I am a freelance artist, illustrator, pattern designer & mummy to two feisty little people. I offer unique commissions, prints & stationery in watercolours, pencil & other media.

Latest Work

Here are some of my latest projects. To see more, follow me on Instagram: @by.antonia.illustration


I love painting bugs, I could paint them every day. They’re mad, crazy, colourful and just beautiful.

My Tribe

This is a fantasy world that I’ve been creating for myself, inspired by native America, the Middle East, and the silly stories that we tell our little people.  Some prints & originals are available.

Wildlife Therapy

I love to draw animals and it helps me to challenge and develop my own techniques, often resulting in inspiration for new projects.


Playful & stylised takes on the world around us, trying to capture the feel and range of colours at different times of day.


An originally self imposed A-Z challenge that I’m really enjoying. The letter ‘T’ is next on my agenda… Which letter or theme might you like to see next?
These make for lovely and unique gifts for children and can be personalised to include names and dates of birth beneath the print itself. If you would like to commission an original painting to include an initial, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Pattern Design

I love playing with patterns and inspiration strikes in all manner of strange and wonderful ways.  You will find patterns in a lot of my work, and it’s one of the reasons I’m passionate about illustrating insects; SO many gorgeous quirks of nature.

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