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My name is Antonia and I am the creator behind By Antonia Illustration.  Art and the creating of art has always been a part of my life in one way or another. Whilst largely self taught in the practical aspects of creativity, I studied art history at university in London and worked for some of London’s leading auction houses, whilst in the peripheries satisfying my artistic itch at life drawing classes and in the margins of the day to day.
Having left it behind for a number of years, I rediscovered my passion for creating when my military husband went on a 6 month operational tour and I stayed at home to look after our very young family. Painting became a way of distracting myself as well as a way of unwinding and recentering myself. And having picked up the paint brush, I cannot now put it back down!
I launched my small business in August 2021 and as a freelance artist, I offer unique commissions, original paintings, art prints and stationery. My work is created using watercolours, pencil and other media including gold leaf.
I try to create art that will raise a smile, promote the beauty of the natural world around us (real & imagined!) & most importantly, art that you can live with as well as gift to others.

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